Elite Henenson was one of our first Emerging Artists in 2009/ She is about to graduate with a degree in photography from Arizona State University.

Dear Julie,
It has been a long time since we last spoke and I wanted to tell you that I have been thinking about you and Macduff a lot lately. I just had my 2 final exhibitions in ASU; my solo Honor Thesis Show and my senior group exhibition. I wish you could both be here and share this with me, because I could not stop thinking about our show in the Yoga Soup, which as you know was my first show ever. You guys gave me so much confidence and inspiration and it helped me to believe in myself, not to be afraid to take risks or to make mistakes and most importantly to continue to pursue what I believe in!

It is my last semester now and I truly feel that I was able to accomplish something here that also has potential for the future. I want you to know that you had a big part in that and to thank you again for everything you taught me. I am very grateful to have had your guidance in such an early stage of my career and will always remember that.

Attached is a PDF with images that I exhibited in my show and from the opening night.

I hope you enjoy. Hugs, Elite

Elite has said more than we can say about the value of mentorship

AWoL is currently working on expanding mentorships. Our mentorship program pair­s emerg­ing artists with a pro­fes­sional men­tor in the com­mu­nity for up to 100 hours of guid­ance.

If you would like to be mentored or volunteer as a mentor yourself send an email to We would love to hear from you!
Elite & Macduff
As one of our first mentorships, Macduff Everton guided Elite Henenson in photography. He has since mentored Amelia Andrews in photography and is currently working with Lydia Kaestner on Mayan Cultures and book publishing.