Learn what art school never taught you!

Art Without Limits gives workshops in the business aspects of the art world. Material/Topics covered in these workshops will be applicable across a variety of art forms whether visual art, poetry, music, and more. Often, these BizArts Workshops will explore subjects that we never learned in art schools to help you with a flourishing career. There is an admission donation of $20, but any amount is appreciated. We do ask that you pre-register below prior to the BizArts Workshop that you plan on attending. Thank you so much!

Upcoming BizArts Workshop

Keep an eye out for more details on our upcoming BizArts Workshop! In the meantime, check out some of the past Art Without Limits BizArts Workshops that have been held in our archives!

Header Image: BizArts Workshop with Calico Brown on Google Docs for Artists and Nonprofits