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Art Without Limits gives workshops in the business aspects of the art world. Material/Topics covered in these workshops will be applicable across a variety of art forms whether visual art, poetry, music, and more. Often, these BizArts Workshops will explore subjects that we never learned in art schools to help you with a flourishing career. There is an admission donation of $20, but any amount is appreciated. We do ask that you pre-register below prior to the BizArts Workshop that you plan on attending. Thank you so much!

Upcoming BizArts Workshop: February 2019

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"Beyond Branding" with Terry Duffy

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Pilgrim Terrace (main Gathering Room)
649 Pilgrim Terrace Drive,
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Pre-Registration is Required. RSVP Here!
Suggested Workshop Donation: $20
Refreshments will be provided.

Are you an artist that has been struggling with developing or promoting your brand? This February BizArts Workshop is for YOU! Graphic Designer Terry Duffy will cover a diverse range of topics, tips, and tools for any creative professional interested in developing or expanding their professional brand.

She will be discussing the 4,000-year history of iconology, green design, Fibonacci made simple (the Hindu-Arabic numeral system), designing for festivals, using fonts strategically, why designing less is better, the ups and the downs of being a designer, and how branding can change the world.

Terry Duffy is the Visual Design Director and Founder of Glyphics, a comprehensive design firm specializing in branding, packaging, print collateral, book design, exhibit and museum design and curriculum development. She graduated from Antioch University, San Francisco, with a degree in Alternative Health and Graphic Design with an emphasis in Photography. Her study of graphic design has led her in many directions including exhibit design, book and magazine publishing and all forms of branding.

A large part of Terry’s career has been devoted to designing for music festivals. A desire for clear communication led her to become an educator, a curator of exhibits, and a collaborator working with scientists, writers, and poets to develop new ways to reach people of all ages in various mediums. What Terry enjoys most is leading and working with creative groups to find creative solutions. She is also a fine artist. To see more of her passion projects go to glyphicsdesign.com.

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Header Image: BizArts Workshop with Calico Brown on Google Docs for Artists and Nonprofits