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Chelsea Dormevil

Focus: Fine Art Photography | Mentor: Rod Rolle

We want to highlight another one of our new AWoL emerging artists, Chelsea Dormevil, who will be pursuing a mentorship in Fine Art Photography with Rod Rolle. As a photographer, her work incorporates her studies in ethnography and Urban Sociology to capture, through multiple exposures, the intersections between society and those who have been cast out or stigmatized on account of gender, sex, race, and ethnicity. She hopes to explore the technical and business aspects of art meanwhile creating work and improving her own artistry.

She would love to travel the world developing art that centers on the human perspective and de-stigmatization. For Chelsea, having the opportunity of mentorship will only feed the fire in her passion for photography and ethnography.

“Humans are more alike then different—my art will strive to show that in tangible form.”
— Chelsea Dormevil

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