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Dan La Bellarte

Focus: Poetry & Performance
Mentors: F. Albert Salinas & Ann Dusenberry

Dan La Bellarte approached Art Without Limits because he wanted guidance for his poetry, and for it to be heard. His application to AWoL was even written in verse. AWoL paired him with F. Albert Salinas, an accomplished poet and performer who has raised the awareness of poetry in Ventura and Santa Barbara. Dan now reads regularly at events. He has created poetry for dance and published his work. He has volunteered his tome to be the Audiovisual Director at three of our annual AWoL Art Career Day Conferences.

Dan recently received his Masters degree at Vermont College and completed a mini mentorship with actress Ann Dusenberry focusing on presentation. He is currently traveling the United States gleaning poetic inspiration for his own work.

“I am a writer. It’s what I do. It’s my method of making meaning out of chaos, of finding harmony and making sense, of letting go and holding dear, of revealing and discovering, of falling in love and transcending. It is my modus operandi, the backbone of my experience, the lattice-work of my life. I go forward from this mentorship with greater confidence and versatility to authentically express my truth and reveal the shared experience, and privilege, of living.”

“I would not be doing any of this without Albert’s mentoring. From day one, Albert pushed me to get my work out there I know that he’s proud of me, and that has given me so much inspiration to keep going.”

“My poetry is chaining and moving in exciting ways. I'm being exposed to more poets than ever. Seriously, my floor is COVERED in books and I’m reading, reading, reading and writing a ton too! I definitely see the value of gaining some direction, some discipline, learning the craft of poetry,. It’s a fine, fine craft. I am so glad to be a part of the tradition, to recognize myself as belonging to this great choir!” — Dan La Bellarte, Emerging Artist