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Daniel Newman-Lessler

Focus: Music (Conducting) | Mentor: Nir Kabaretti

Daniel Newman-Lessler is a conductor, pianist, and composer who just received his Masters degree from the USC Thorton School of Music. The conductor of the Santa Barbara Symphony, Maestro Nir Kabaretti, served as his mentor. He worked with Nir as his assistant conductor for Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony and Requiem.

"It was surreal! I was conducting a rehearsal at the Granada Theatre and Nir was asking my feedback regarding balance, vocal pedagogy, and choral development. I learned so much participating in this." — Daniel Newman-Lessler, Emerging Artist

Daniel will be teaching music at Pepperdine University and a course on the great conductors at California State University, Channel Islands. Daniel has a great start on a great career thanks to his mentorship through Art Without Limits. To learn more about Daniel and his work, check out his website at www.danielnewmanlessler.com.