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Elite Henenson

Focus: Photography | Mentor: Macduff Everton

Elite Henenson was born in kibbutz Gesher in Israel. After traveling in South America for 9 months as a young woman, she decided to pursue a professional career in photography. Elite moved to California and attended Santa Barbara City College in 2007, where she won the School of Media Arts best news photograph. In 2010, Elite started an AWoL mentorship with photography Macduff Everton. Elite taught photography to Santa Barbara Charter School students, assigning them to photograph a loved one. She taught them how to edit and print before bring their portraits home.

In 2013, Elite completed her B.F.A. in Photography with honors at Arizona State University. She has traveled to Cuba, Mexico, and her native Israel on photographic expeditions. Elite’s photographs have been exhibited often since the completion of her mentorship through Art Without Limits. Today, Elite works full time as a photographer in Tempe, Arizona. She photographs events in Phoenix and travels to capture landscapes and to create fine art.

“Elite shoot, shoot, shoot! Take chances, push what you think you can do, and break rules to really discover what you can capture with your camera and imagination. You learn most from your mistakes.” — Macduff Everton, Mentor

According to Elite, this mentorship is the most significant stepping -stone in her professional career as a photographer. She feels that it helped her develop her personal style and to find out the direction that she wanted to go in. Furthermore, it helped her believe in herself as an artist and not be afraid of making mistakes. The advice that Macduff Everton gave her 6 years ago, has become an integral part of the artist and person that she is today.