AWoL’s philosophy is that artistic insight, imagination, and creativity are the seeds for a better world.

While we do not charge for mentorships and all mentors volunteer, there is an exchange involved. It is giving! Emerging Artists give back to their mentor, AWoL, and the next generation. With proper training and guidance, talented artists can flourish in their careers and strengthen our communities. To earn a living, create, do what one loves is the goal. Learn more below about how your giving becomes a building block in attaining that goal.


To Art Without Limits…

  • Ask a celebrity or icon of the arts that you know to be a Spokesperson for AWoL.

  • Refer professional artists to serve as a potential Mentor for the next generation of artists participating in our mentorship programs.

  • Refer aspiring artists suitable for future opportunities in our mentorship programs.

  • Lead or speak at our Art Career Day Conference & BizArts Workshops.


To Your Mentor…

  • Ask your mentor how you can help or assist him or her with an ongoing project.

  • Treat him or her to a nice meal as a gesture of gratitude.

  • Express your gratitude for your mentor through social media and digital promotion.


To the Next Generation of Artists…

  • Refer aspiring artists to our Art Career Day Conference & Mentorship Programs.

  • Give them advice gathered during your artistic journey.

  • Tell your story and share the experience of an individual in the arts.