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Isaac Welsh

Focus: Illustration | Mentor: Lisa Kaftori

Isaac Welsh, born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA, started drawing at the age of 3, and later graduated from the Visual Arts and Design Academy (VADA) program at Santa Barbara High School. Isaac completed his mentorship through Art Without Limits with conceptual artist and social sculptor, Lisa Kaftori. He recently teamed up with Gustavo Adolfo Uribe, founder of Château Choló, an urban art platform, with a record label, a YouTube cooking show, creative prints, posters, t-shirts, and more. Isaac created art for the music album Cholo 2.0 and they are producing hip-hop beats together for other rappers to lease.

“It was cool having Lisa as my AWoL Mentor. I learned about art from a philosophical standpoint. I was introduced to a lot of different artists and learned to appreciate many mediums that I knew little about. It got me out of my ‘artistic hibernation’ by creating weekly projects.” — Isaac Welsh, Emerging Artist