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Jackson Gillies

Focus: Music (guitar) | Mentors: Randy Tico & Ann Dusenberry

Jackson Gillies came to Art Without Limits as the 2016 Santa Barbara Teen Star to sing at our Art Career Day Conference. We were blown away by his talent. It took us a while to come up with the perfect mentor for him, we paired him with Randy Tico…it was perfect! We also set up a mini mentorship with actress, Ann Dusenberry.

Jackson absorbs things like a thirsty sponge. Randy has helped him find gigs including opening for fabulous shows at the Lobero Theatre, Luke Theater and SoHo, as well as opening for and playing with musicians Jim Messina, Kenny Loggins and others.

Besides his mentorships in music, Jackson is a spokesperson for Type 1 Diabetes and Hidradenitis Suppurativa as he has both. He participates in the Artificial Pancreas Project and volunteers for nonprofits without missing a beat! He reaches out fearlessly with his talent to support them. Make sure to look out for him as he is a major talent and will go far!