Mary Heebner (200px x 300px).jpg

Mary Heebner

FOCUS: Abstract Painting, Writing, and Book Art

Central to Mary Heebner’s practice is her interest in the spiritual qualities of the natural world and their expression in cultural and natural forms. The artist’s inquisitive practice draws from her extensive international travels. Her interpretative license is grounded in a sense of context that reflects a cultivated sensitivity to the distinct mythology, geology, archaeology, language and customs of each cultural exploration she undertakes.

Skilled at the art of papermaking, she incorporates her unique interpretation of landforms, maps, water forms, the human body and antiquities to create abstract compositions. Heebner has distinguished herself as an abstract artist, writer, and book artist, and her pieces are held in numerous esteemed public and private collections. Heebner has published fine art press books under the imprint Simplemente Maria Press, and two additional book publications that feature her paintings alongside Pablo Neruda’s poetry.

In her time as an AWoL mentor, Mary became a guiding force in the development of an arts career for painter Si Jie Loo.