Announcing New AWoL Executive Director Jodi McLeod

On January 11th, Jodi McLeod will take the AWoL reins, giving Julie McLeod, Founder and Director of the organization for the past 8 years, the well-deserved opportunity to go into semi-retirement, remaining involved in an advisory role. Those of us who have worked with Jodi over the past few years know that Action is her middle name, after all, she is Julie's daughter! 

In the three years that Jodi has worked with AWoL she has been in charge of bookkeeping, keeping track of and sending acknowledgments for donations, streamlining fiscal sponsorship forms and keeping track of all projects AWoL is sponsoring, creating videos and other promotional activities. On the AWoL Board she served as Secretary and Treasurer. For the past six months, utilizing grants that AWoL has received to be used for succession, Jodi has been involved in intensive training for nonprofit leadership. The training has included leadership coaching and strategic planning with community leaders and nonprofit authorities, Rod Lathim, Nina Dunbar, and Trevor Kasmar of Giant Worldwide as well as SBCC courses, and webinars. Jodi has also been working closely with Julie, who has been involved on many different levels of nonprofit w ork for four(!!!) decades, gleaning v ast amounts of know ledge and wisdom. 

"AWoL's programs inspire me. I strongly believe in Mentorships that guide talented artists to find their unique path to create a successful career in their art form. Many artists finish school and say, 'what now?' AWoL asks what they feel they need training in to make a viable living as an artist, then searches for the mentor that will be able to assist them in that aspect. An emerging artist may feel they need guidance in developing a community of artists, in promoting and marketing their art, in presentation, and so much more. AWoL Mentorships are free for emerging artists. This gives many artists the opportunity to flourish, to realize their potential." Jodi states. 

What Jodi has planned for AWoL in 2018 and the years to come is impressive. We have no doubt she will manifest this growth and expansion for the organization. Part of her intentions are growing the number of Mentorships, expanding outreach for ACDC to young artists in neighboring cities, establishing an online resource site, revamping the AWoL website, and dev eloping new marketing strategies. She has already begun the w ork on many of these topics. 

"I am deeply honored to lead this organization. I am passionate about furthering the training of talented artists and giving them the opportunity to thrive!" ~ Jodi McLeod