Life After AWoL Mentorships: Sol Hill and Tom Pazderka

Sol Hill

Sol Hill is serving as board president at AWoL and has a studio in the Funk Zone. His artwork is being shown at the AWoL Exhibit-Wildling Museum. Recently he sold 2 pieces of artwork at the New York Art Expo and has exhibited in Los Angeles, Chicago, Santa Fe, Texas, New York, Chile and elsewhere. 

Tom Pazderka

Tom Pazderka is showing artwork at the AWoL Exhibit- Wildling Museum, Silo 118, and Sullivan Goss. He recreated this picture by C.D. Friedrich as a chalk drawing for I Madonnari at SB Mission. He has shown artwork at the Fine Art Museum- Western Carolina University. He sold 6 pieces in a solo show at Premise in Ojai. 

Untitled design-9.png

(L) Sol Hill, As Viewed with Hope And Tears | (R) Tom Pazderka, Angels of the New Light

Sol Hill Cover Image.jpg