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Sol Hill

Focus: Fine art Photography | Mentor: Nathan Vonk

Sol Hill’s art graces the cover of numerous Art Without Limits’ publications and he was a guest speaker at AWoL’s Art Career Day Conference. His talent, hunger to create, and commitment to art, are examples of what AWoL envisions for our emerging artists. Sol is now President of the Art Without Limits Board of Directors and has his own studio in Santa Barbara’s famed Funk Zone with countless collaborations and exhibitions expanding Sol’s network and career.

After receiving his M.F.A. from the Brooks Institute of Photography, Sol enrolled in an AWoL mentorship with Nathan Vonk, art dealer and Curator of Sculpture at Sullivan Goss Gallery, in order to hone his ability to market his own art.

Subsequently, Sol’s art has been exhibited in across the United States in Los Angeles, Chicago, Santa Fe, Texas, New York, Washington D.C., as well as across the globe in Chile and elsewhere. A recent installation project of Sol’s, “Suspicious Privacy,” examined the impact of the electronic surveillance policy within American democracy on the integrity of an individual’s identity. His photography merges digital images with acrylic and varnish applied on canvas. He thinks outside of the box by using digital noise to create otherworldly images. Sol has completed a residency at the prestigious Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria, VA.

“My process is one of my own invention. I use digital noise to render the photograph into a contemporary visual image. Digital noise is an unwanted artifact that is widely considered worthless and ugly, yet I transform it into a thing of unexpected beauty. The result is like poetry, allowing room for introspection and discovery.” — Sol Hill, Emerging Artist